. Clearance bondge straps

Clearance Bondage Straps

Bondage straps with errors Usually our bondage straps go pretty well, so there aren't a lot of problems, but there are always a few, and we are offering those at a discount.
The pictures show you the problem, and the link in the description will direct you back to our main site (in a new tab or window) if you want to read more about that particular strap.
Click on any of the small photos for a full size image.
The photos show any problems we found (and caused) and they are final sale unless there is some other defect that we somehow overlooked.

  Our Slot Lock 1 1/4" bondage strap
No photo - this is perfectly made, but was cut
a little too far into the belly of the cow
for my satisfaction. Just a few wrinkles in the surface.
34 inches long.

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