How does the clearance site work?

The Leather Creations clearance pages are separate from the regular Leather Creations items. They have their own shopping cart, and payment is via PayPal. We chose do to this because we are concerned that an item might be out of stock (even though it shows in stock in our computer) because of an inventory count error, or what we thought was a good product might be defective when we pull it from inventory. This way we will only be charging you for good merchandise, and merchandise that is packed and ready to go.

The whole process is very simple. Add your selections to your cart as usual. Check out, and you will then receive a PayPal invoice via email once we are sure your order is ready to go. You don't pay now, we make sure your order is complete, and then send the invoice. Click on the "pay now" button, make your payment, and your order is on the way!

You do not have to have a PayPal account to use our system. That link provides an option to simply pay with any credit card. It is as easy as our main site.

Ordering from both our clearance and regular site? No worries! Just mention in your comments box that you are ordering from both (actually, we will probably figure it out), and we will combine both into one box, and send you a PayPal invoice for the complete total.

Your privacy is guaranteed. Your PayPal invoice will only list stock numbers and prices. There is no record, except between you and us, of the things you are buying.

You can just close this tab or window and return to where you left off.