Ass Hook

Chrome ass hook

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OK, I suppose this isn't a restraint in the strict sense of the word, but just try to tell that to the guy in the photo who keeps yanking this thing up his own ass while trying to get his hands from behind his neck!

Chrome plated steel, this features a 1 1/8" ball on the end of a hook that is 9 1/2" overall in length, and ending in an eye to attach your favorite rope or chain (all dimensions are on the pop up photo below the main one.

My favorite use? Tie his hands behind his head, and to the embedded hook. Now the tits are well exposed, and his natural reaction to lower his arms to protect them will result in a substiantially deeper pressure than he is probably ready for! Just check out the photo!

This is absolutely not for keeping a person tied upright! Do not use this to have someone maintain an upright position. Serious internal damage could occur should he faint, stumble, or otherwise place his whole weight on this embedded device. If the safety of your bottom is not the foremost thing on your mind, you shouldn't be topping!

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